Boats & Action Shots

(obviously I need more photos those digital cameras to the races this year....and get those photos to me!!!!!!!)


Click on the thumbnails below for a larger view !

                                                                  2003 Grant Park Unlimited Field.jpg (296165 bytes)                                   Sport 21 5_4_03.jpg (183109 bytes)                    

                                                     2003 Grant Park Unlimited Field             2003 Grant Park Sport 21 Action


                                      Cracker Action .jpg (174705 bytes)                                G1 Sport Hydro Action.jpg (187651 bytes)                                Sport 40 Action.jpg (86825 bytes)

                                  2002 Cracker Action                       2002 G1 Sport Hydro Action                  2002 Sport 40 Action


                                                               circus canard 3.jpg (7590 bytes)                         circus cannard a.jpg (29500 bytes)

                                                                                   Winston Eagle Unlimited Rigger


                                                                                             M&Ms Sport 40.jpg (267647 bytes)

                                                                                    The Webmaster's AC Sport 40

                                                                    (OK OK, .....I'm a proud poppa and I needed some photos here)